Black figured Panathenaic Amphora

Black figured Panathenaic Amphora

Exact museum reproduction of a fine ancient Greek black figured Panathenaic Amphora. (more information on Black figure pottery...)

Our Greek pottery items are handmade in Greece in a small family workshop using natural quality materials, superb craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are licensed and modeled after museum pieces from all over the world and bear the lead seal of authenticity.

Panathenaic amphorae were prizes given to victors at the Panathenaic ("all-Athens") festival, the great state festival of Athens. It was held every four years much like the Olympic games. The prize amphorae were quite large and contained olive oil, the most valuable part of the award.

Each Panathenaic vase depicts a striding, armed Athena on the front. (find out more about Athena...)The back shows the particular event for which the prize was given. Here, the contest is Pancration wrestling.About 500 BC. National Archaeological Museum, Athens.

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Don't know what an amphora is? Check out our Greek Pottery Glossary!


Ceramic & hand painted
85 cm (33 in.)

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