Gold Malia Bees Pendant - size 5

Gold Malia Bees Pendant - size 5


Exact museum reproduction of the Bees of Malia found in the Old Palace cemetery at Chrysolakkos, outside the palace of Malia, the third largest Minoan palace on the island of Crete and is now one of the most famous exhibits in the Herakleion Museum.

The pendant dates back to the Bronze Age, to the Protopalatial Period (1800 - 1700 BC) and it's an amazing, very detailed representation of two bees carrying a drop of honey to their honeycomb. This jewelry piece is an evidence of the artist's mastery in the process of faience or granulation, the technique of soldering tiny pieces of metal, on the surface of the cast jewel.

The pendant comes in different sizes and also in 18k gold. Please contact us for details.

The pendant comes with a written authenticity guarantee in a beautiful jewelry gift box.

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14k gold
43 mm (1.7 in.)
6.10 gr

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