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Heracles bronze bust

Bronze bust of Heracles made of solid bronze.

Heracles or Hercules was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. His jealous stepmother, Hera, tried to murder the infant Hercules by putting a serpent in his cradle. Luckily for Hercules, he was born with great strength and killed the serpent. By the time Hercules was an adult, he had already killed a lion. Eventually, Hera drove Hercules insane. Due to his insanity, Hercules killed his wife, Megara, and their three children. Hercules exiled himself because of the shame that he had brought on himself through his lack of sanity.

Hercules decided to ask the Delphic Oracle what he should do to regain his honor. The Oracle told Hercules to go to Eurystheus, king of Mycenae, and serve him for twelve years. King Eurystheus couldn't think of any tasks that might prove difficult for the mighty son of Zeus, so Hera came down from her palace on Olympus to help him. Together, the twosome came up with twelve tasks for Hera's mortal stepson to complete...

Upon his death Hercules ascended to Olympus, where he was granted immortality and lived among the gods.


100% bronze
36 cm (14 in.)
29 cm (11.5 in.)
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