Hospitality Greek Pareo

Hospitality Greek Pareo


Φιλοξενία /Filoxenίa/ Hospitality

“For among those they are offered hospitality by, visitors always remember the one who welcomed them with special love.” Odyssey

In ancient Greece hospitality was an act of virtue. The visitors were protected by the god Xenios Dias (Xenios Zeus) and Athena Xenia. A bad behavior towards the visitors was believed to be a sin.

Xenia was, overall, the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, the generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home and is associated with the person who is hospitable and friendly to his guests. The rituals of hospitality created and expressed a reciprocal relationship between guest and host expressed in both material and non-material benefits.

Even nowadays hospitality is a sacred act for Greeks. We treat our guests like kings and we try to make them feel at home.

Designed by the Greek Pareaki brand, the top Greek summerwear designers. Each pareo comes along with a jute cordon in round brass endings serving as a belt, a useful guide with indicative ways of wrapping it and a tag with its unique reference to the Greek culture.

How to wear your pareo - Ideas & instructions here!

Blue on White Gold foil on Black Gold foil on White


Natural cotton
115 x 175 cm (45 x 69 in.)

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