Jesus Christ the Merciful

Jesus Christ the Merciful

A beautiful Greek Orthodox icon of Jesus Christ the Merciful, handmade & hand painted by an expert Greek hagiographer.

Christ the Merciful Ruler, is from a Mt. Athos icon, which shows Christ gentle, kind, and loving, holding the Book with his left hand and blessing with his right. The original was written in the 13th century.

Made using traditional materials (selected aged timber frames, egg tempera, 24K gold leaf, natural powder paint and varnishes) and old techniques. It is an exact reproduction of an antique Byzantine masterpiece.

The icon bears the artist's signature on the front and the certificate of authenticity on the back.

We can have any image or Christian scene hand made on commission. Please take a look at an indicative list of additional icons available, or contact us for more information.


Hand painted on wood & 24k gold leaf

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