Labours of Hercules Chess Set
Red chessboard

Labours of Hercules Chess Set


Our chess sets are not to be stowed away after playing. The elaborate craftsmanship, the premium materials, the historic designs and the attention to detail create a decorative object of high value. 

Our chessmen are made on a basis of an original zinc alloy, they are then gold or silver plated and finally varnished by hand. The chess boards are made of bronze and painted by hand. All the pieces are unbreakable and have a life time guarantee.

This chess set features a choice between a brown, blue, red or green chess board.

Hercules (Pawn), the greatest hero of mythology, is often depicted wearing the lion skin from his first labor. Zeus (King), his father and King of Gods stands almighty with his thunderbolt in hand. Athena (Queen), armed defender of justice, always protected Hercules. Apollo (Bishop) took part in the Battle of the Giants. Centaur (Knight) kidnapped Hercules’s wife, so the hero killed him to save her. Ironically, years later it was his poisonous blood that caused Hercules death.

The chess set comes in a beautiful wood box.

There are more designs and sizes of chessmen and boards available. Please contact us for more information.


Gold & silver plated zinc alloy
(board) 36 x 36 cm - 14 x 14 in.
(king) 5.8 cm (2.3 in.)

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