Leonidas the Spartan King - size 1

Leonidas the Spartan King - size 1

Bronze figurine of Leonidas brandishing his spear at battle.

Leonidas made his stand at Thermopylae, a slim ribbon of land in Thessaly, Greece, against the mighty army of the Persians in 480 B.C., along with 300 brave Spartans. When betrayed by an avaricious farmer he chose death over retreat. He and his 300 countrymen battled through the morning; when their weapons were gone, they fought with fists and feet until every last man had fallen, but they had held the enemy long enough to ensure the safe withdrawal of the rest of the Greek army.(find out more about Leonidas...)

Dated to 4th century B. C. Archaeological Museum of Sparta, Greece.


29 cm (11.5 in.)

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