Macedonian Trireme - Handmade

Macedonian Trireme - Handmade

A fine example of a Macedonian Trireme from the time of Alexander the Great (4th century BC).

The trireme (Greek trieres) was the "state of the art" fighting ship designed to be able to cover long distances quickly under oar and sail, and in battle to ram enemy ships with devastating effect.

Ships like this were used by Alexander during his 11 year campaign when he amassed the most extensive empire the world had ever seen.

The Macedonian Navy under the command of admiral Nearchos accompanied Alexander as far as the Red Sea (335-327 BC).

A wonderful reproduction of the ultimate Athenian fighting ship, handmade to the last finest detail, fully waterproof and functional.

We take extra care in packing these beautiful model ships to ensure a safe transit. The ship is suspended from a double reinforced wood frame which is then packed in a protective material box inside a special crate. Its robust construction and quality materials guarantee a safe delivery to your door. All shipments are fully insured.

Our ship designs are based on pictures, illustrations, pottery scenes and ancient scripts. First the frame is designed from scratch and cut. The wood used for the keel and the supporting traverse beams is plywood, while the hull is made of oak of 1.5 mm thickness. Then the ship is assembled using wood spines.

After the first laying of the oak planks the hull is smoothed over. This is followed by a second layer of oak planks with waterproofing material in between in order to achieve 100% functionality and watertightness. The total thickness of the body of the ship exceeds 3 mm. The ram is made of brass as in the original ships. All the details on the ship as stairs, sails, shields, ropes, oars, etc. are handmade from scratch.

Finally the ship is varnished with special varnishes to assure a safe sailing...


Natural wood
55 cm (21 in.)
90 cm (35 in.)
40 cm (16 in.)

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