Miltiades' Helmet

Miltiades' Helmet

Ancient Greek life size votive helmet, which belonged to Miltiades, the Athenian general of the Battle of Marathon.

The Battle of Marathon was fought in 490 BC between Athens and Persia. Athens, under the guidance of the general Miltiades, would march their smaller army to Marathon and engage the Persian forces before they had a chance to attack Athens.

Miltiades arranged his army in a narrow valley along the route to Athens with the intent of blocking the Persian advance. The narrow corridor would prevent the Persians from implementing their cavalry, which is often considered the source of their military dominance. The Persian infantry was now forced to march head on into a disciplined Athenian army with bronze shields and steeled determination, which resulted in their devastating defeat.

The helmet was devoted by Miltiades to the sanctuary of Olympia. It bears an inscription with his name.

Dated to 490 BC, Archaeological Museum of Olympia

Handmade in Greece of solid bronze, an exact museum reproduction.


19 cm (7.5 in.)
17 cm (6.7 in.)

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