Minoan Youth III aka Cupbearers

Minoan Youth III aka Cupbearers

A parade of Minoan youths bearing cups. Part of a three part fresco found in the palace of Knossos. Dated to 1400 BC.

Fresco painting was one of the most important forms of Minoan art. Plastered walls from the Minoan palaces and villas that have survived to our day provide a precious portrait of life in Crete during prehistoric times. The figures and scenes painted in the Minoan frescoes display the familiar Egyptian side view with the frontal eye, as well as the sharp outlines in solid color.(more information on the art of fresco wall painting...)

An exact museum reproduction, made of bonded marble and painted by hand.


Bonded marble & hand painted
31 x 24 cm (12 x 9.5 in.)

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