More Greek Orthodox Icons

This is an indicative listing of custom subjects available for the hand painted icons.
If you are interested in a subject that is not here please contact us.

Christ Angel of the Great Counsel Virgin Mary Amaranth Rose Forty Holy Martyrs
Christ Emmanuel Virgin Mary Breastfeeding Jesus Forty Holy Virgins
Christ Healing Diseases Virgin Mary Burning Bush Parable of the Ten Virgins
Christ Life-Giver Virgin Mary Celestial Portal Sacrifice of Abraham
Christ Life-Giving Bread Virgin Mary Full of Grace St. Achilles
Christ "Of the Burning Eye" Virgin Mary Golden Spring St. Anthimos
Christ Reclining Virgin Mary Gregorousa St. Athanasios of Mt. Athos
Christ Redeemer Virgin Mary Healer St. Athena
Supper at Emmaus Virgin Mary Hope of all the Faithful St. Barnabas
The Holy Mandelion Virgin Mary in Grief St. Calliope
Virgin Mary Lady of Angels St. Cyprian
Virgin Mary Liberator St. Dionysios
Virgin Mary Myrtidiotissa St. Efraim
Virgin Mary Panachrantos St. Efstratios
Virgin Mary Paramythia St. Euphemia
Virgin Mary Prioress of Mt. Athos St. Eustathe
Virgin Mary Rescuer St. Gerasimos
Virgin Mary Saviour of Souls St. Iezekiel
Virgin Mary Saviour of the World St. Ignatios
Virgin Mary Spring of Myrrh St. Isidore
Virgin Mary Supplicating St. Jeremiah
  Virgin Mary to Whom We All Look St. Jessiah
St. Joachim
St. John's Beheading
St. John the Evangelist
St. Kyriake
St. Laurence
St. Marina
St. Matrona
St. Methodios & Cyril
St. Michael of Mantamadon
St. Moses & the Burning Bush
St. Moses Receiving the Commandements
St. Minas
St. Niketas
St. Onouphrios
St. Paraskeve
St. Phanourios
St. Photini
St. Photios
St. Plato
St. Serapheim of Sarov
St. Thekla
St. Themistokles
St. Theodora
St. Therapon
St. Zacharias
Synaxis of the Archangels