Olive Wreath Greek Pareo

Olive Wreath Greek Pareo


Στεφάνι Ελιάς /stefáni eliás/ Olive Wreath

Τhere were no medals in the ancient Olympic Games, there was only one winner crowned with an olive wreath made from wild olive leaves from a sacred tree near the temple of Zeus at Olympia. Since then, the olive wreath, also known as kotinos, has been a symbol of victory, peace and higher education.

Designed by the Greek Pareaki brand, the top Greek summerwear designers. Each pareo comes along with a jute cordon in round brass endings serving as a belt, a useful guide with indicative ways of wrapping it and a tag with its unique reference to the Greek culture.

How to wear your pareo - Ideas & instructions here!

Golden powder on White Golden foil on White Golden powder on Black Golden foil on Black


Natural cotton
115 x 175 cm (45 x 69 in.)

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