Return Policy 30 Days Unlimited Money Back Guarantee

In the rare case you are not satisfied with your purchase, we offer you our 30-day money back guarantee! Just follow the steps below : 

      1. Contact us with a brief explanation for the reason of your return. 
      2. Once you contacted us, we will give you instructions where to return the item(s).
      3. Upon receiving the returned purchase, we will notify you within 24 hours. At that time we will issue a refund for the total purchase amount along with the mailing fees you paid to return the item to us. 

Rules and Terms

  1. Returned item/items must be in original package (if possible). 

  2. Mark the package clearly as "RETURN" and declare a very low value if required. 

  3. We require that any returned merchandise is mailed as regular mail. Any additional charges such as Registered or Express mail will not be refunded. 

  4. Any returned merchandise must be returned through your country's regular Postal Service and not private courier companies (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc). In case you do use a private courier company to return the merchandise we will only refund the mailing fees it would have cost you to process through your country's regular Postal Service.

  5. The starting date for the 30 day money back guarantee is estimated the 10th day after the shipment has left our location for shipments shipped via standard or express mail and the actual date of arrival of the purchase for shipments shipped via DHL.