Spartan Hoplite Shield with Gorgoneion

Spartan Hoplite Shield with Gorgoneion

Ancient Greek Hoplite Spartan shield bearing the Gorgoneion.

The Gorgoneion was a special amulet showing the Gorgon head, used most famously by Athena and Zeus. It was assumed, among other godlike attributes, as a royal aegis to imply divine birth or protection.

The shield, aspis in Greek, was carried by Greek infantry (hoplites) of various periods and is often referred to as a hoplon.

A hoplon shield was a deeply dished shield made of wood. Some shields had a thin sheet of bronze on the outer face, often just around the rim. In some periods, the convention was to decorate the aspis; in others, it was usually left plain. Probably the most famous aspis decoration is that of Sparta: a capital lambda. (more on Spartan Art of War...)

The shield comes with a marble stand and it is not a full size shield.


28 cm (11 in.)

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