Parthenon of Acropolis - the Model

Parthenon of Acropolis - the Model


The Parthenon model is made of solid Attica marble. It is a 100% exact scaled reproduction of the original temple of Athena at the Athenian Acropolis with a total weight of 200 kg (440 lbs.).

Dimensions: Length126.5 cm x width 56 cm x height 32 cm (50 in. x 22 in. x 12.6 in.)

The sculptor, Antonis Pavlakis, was born in Crete in 1949 and studied Sculpting and Stage Design in the University of Athens. He has been teaching Fine Arts in schools for 35 years, while working on sculptures and monuments in his workshop. Many of his works are exhibited all over Greece and have won major awards in Shows and Festivals. His sculptures can be found in public places, private homes and hotels.

Using the same materials as the ancient Greek sculptors (marble, natural stone, wood) his craft is based on the classical Arts, focusing on the geometric structure of the Ancient Greek Art (measurements, axes, golden ratio, balance, etc.).

Hisl ove for the Ancient Greek Art has inspired him to create an exact reproduction of the Parthenon in a smaller scale, using marble from Dionysus in Attica, the same exact material the original temple is made of.

While constructing the Parthenon, he paid special attention on the meticulous and high precision assembly of the different parts of the model with all the optical corrections as described by the archaeologists. All the friezes and reliefs of Pheidias are the exact same as in the original temple and in the exact same position.

Mr.Pavlakis imagines his Parthenon to be placed in the exterior of a museum, a private residence, a hotel or a lobby area. It is perfectly lit by the natural light and small night lamps. The model includes a base with hidden wheels for easy moving.

A fine case study of Ancient Greek Architecture.

Special price: $35,000.00

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