The Oath of Themis

The Oath of Themis

The Oath of Themis, goddess of Justice and Law, is taken by lawyers.It is inscribed in the original ancient Greek, and makes a perfect gift for any servant of justice.

"Pledge of the graduate from the school of law.

Before the president and the dean of the school of law, I give my solemn pledge to faithfully abide by the ordinances of justice wit all my heart and soul, and that on leaving this sacred institution I will render my services to all those that need my education and training, always in peace and ethical conduct. I will pursue the path of righteousness in life, and dedicate myself to that which is true and just, and to the protection of virtue and wisdom. May this pledge be accompanied by the blessings of the professors and my beloved teachers, and may the gods be with me during all my life. "


950o proof silver on wood frame
31 x 26 cm (12 x 10 in.)

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