Trojan Horse - bronze

Trojan Horse - bronze

According to Homer's Iliad , when the Greeks had lain siege to Troy for ten years, without results, they pretended to retreat. They left behind a huge wooden horse, in which a number of Greek heroes, among whom Odysseus, had hidden themselves. The spy Sinon convinced the Trojans, despite the warnings of Laocoon, to move the horse inside the city as a war trophy. In the following night, the Greeks left the wooden horse and attacked the unsuspecting and celebrating Trojans, and finally conquered Troy.

Handmade of solid bronze in Greece, this is a staue of an ancient Greek horse statue that has represented the Trojan horse, dated to 470-460 B.C.Archaeological Museum of Olympia, Greece.


100% bronze
24 cm (9.5 in.)
24 cm (9.5 in.)

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