The Mt. Athos Collection

Virgin Mary & the Archangels St. Nicholas & St. Panteleimon

A unique Byzantine triptych icon, handmade & handcarved by hagiographers on Mt. Athos, the Land of Orthodoxy. There, the monks who have dedicated their lives and their souls to God are creating monumental works of art, preserving the antique Byzantine art of hagiography.

This is an exact reproduction of an antique Byzantine triptych icon showing Virgin Mary Glykophilousa in the central part, St. Michael and St. Nicholas on the left and St. Gabriel and St. Panteleimon on the right.

The icon is handmade to order, it bears the Seal of Authenticity on the back and is signed and numbered by the artist.


Hand painted on wood & 24k gold leaf
27 cm x 38 cm (10.5 in. x 15 in.)
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